iMap and related Redux Console present a custom experience in RedBaron3D in which WWI aeroplane battles are fought between the Italians and the Austrian air forces over northern Italian farms and southern Alps.  The Server Operator can select timeframe airplanes from the beginning of WWI to its end in relative approximate groups as they were used in the real war, within obvious historic limitations of the game, and the aeroplanes represent those used in the more familiar French theatre of war.  Another choice for players is of flying the NFM (“Normal”) and AFM (“Authentic”) flight models in RB3D with post release modified FMs in the AFM FM, which were created by Wolfgang von Wellhausen. 

iMap terrain was created from a GIS satellite map, embedded within the RB3D terrain editor by Zsolt, and acquired for use via licensing by Redux. Limitations of the “ted” editor cause the higher Italian Alps peaks to be greatly reduced in height, while the majority of the mountains are represented with relative height authenticity.   

The views are pleasant and enjoyed by those who have been to the actual locations, again within the graphics limitations of a 23 year old game.  The Promiseland terrain acquired as open source for iMap was created by Kessler, adding significant beauty to the scenery.  Other custom elements, including facsimile cities, towns, villages and la Garda, a real resort lake in the southern Alps, all designed by Vasek a celebrated WWI copy/replica propeller builder in Eastern Europe; also an aeroplane builder, glider pilot and exceptional wingman. 

 The iMap rivers, forests, agriculture, roads/trails, railroads, bridges, aerodromes, textures,  were applied over a 7 month period  by tutor in the beginning was sir Alesi when we polished the Alpine Island custom map.  He had me go soften all island peaks as my first lesson. 

Sir Alesi – Mentor on terrain editing – dynamite, bulldozing, picks and shovel…he would say of the tools.