Custom Maps

Active Pilots from the War@4 weekly event have created new versions of the famous RedBaron3D “Island” server, which are shown below.  Feel free to join the War@4 forum and make your own suggestions.


Split Ends

The first “alternative” map created delivers a “full map”, split-end dromes experience which forces a number of decisions for pilots including from which drome to start as “home drome”.  Do you spawn from your drome which is a target for the enemy, and focus on its defense, or do you launch from a drome across the “mud” from the enemy’s target drome with a strategy to bringint the enemy drome down as early in the war as possible?  You can only change dromes “legally” by flying from your starting drome to another, landing and changing dromes by exiting the arena and spawning from another drome.  It becomes a real chess game.  This map was designed by SwampFox, and tweaked by beta testing pilots.

East End Crunch

Cameljock, Halibut, Cavu, Zilski and Swordfish conspired to create what Halibut referred to as “a barfight with tactics”.  This map compressed the area by 60%, putting everyone much closer delivering rockim sockim fast contact, piling on, and wild attacks on dromes and other targets where keeping up with who you are fighting is especially challenging….while some take advantage of the barfight by sneaking off and taking out targets which can be undefended….you know who you are…