CamelJock’s Presentation of

A WWI Sim in FlightGear

FlightGear is a Linux-Based simulation platform which can, apparently, be played on Windows as well. FORUM

NOT a bad start, especially given that it is Open Source.

Can this be what Rise of Flight and RedBaron3D could have and should have been if poor corporate decisions are not in the way?  Maybe.  ROF had the graphics, but it was/is not RB3D in terms of fun.  This could be fun without the RB3D glitches..a clean mirror. Building a complete game, getting people to accept flight models and cauterizing the FM/DM, securing it, etc. etc. is a big challenge.  But development programming is vastly more advanced and accessible.  So, as some of us might say, are there going to be control issues which goes like the post release of RB3D where lack of security and agreeing on FMS/DMs, etc. keeps the platform from truly flourishing into a widely-supported MMP flight sim?

Security, scenery, flight modeling, all graphics, a robust and improvable serverOp program….and model it after RedBaron3D’s MMP but unlimited in potential?  Maybe…

Ubuntu (Linux) can be added to your PC alongside Windows.  If your interest in Linux is “only” a new RedBaron3D style MMP, you should be able to get going pretty easily with a little help from friends.  But if it is true that this can all be used in Windows…..

S! for CamelJock for giving us something to think about; dream about.  Maybe a new, larger community with security? FORUM