In its time, RedBaron3D* was the greatest WWI flight sim, including its still-beloved Singleplayer Campaign mode.  It could be upgraded to be second to none… given the chance.  This scene could be RedBaron3D

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mplayer server info below (in main RB folder) 

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Active Servers



Server = UDP:; Swordfish

Server=UDP: ;General de Deville's Alpine Hell

Server=UDP: ; General de Deville's Hell

[MetaServers]  ; Rens

Server=TCP: ; Swordfish

Server=TCP:  ; Redux

Server operators: Make sure your rb2server.ini file contains the following meta server info:

// * * * * META-SERVER SETTINGS * * * *
TCP: ; Swordfish






War @4 Island Server

Saturday 4PM EST USA

Cameljock’s “War @ 4” server serves up classic Island wars with a carefully selected target list to optimize the “chess game” aspect.  The dynamic selection changes things every week and it is ALWAYS a hot, fun war.  The number of players is small but consistent, and every single Saturday at 4PM Eastern U.S. time, Allied and German sides square off to take turns bombing, defending targets, cutting off enemy protecting their targets or pursuing yours in dogfights and having a ton of fun without fail in always hot wars.

Come join either side, unless one side is short and needs you to balance it out. 

A Teamspeak server is ALWAYS up for practice or wars, password newrb3d



Italian Alps and Northern Italy Farmland WWI battlefield

A team of RedBaron3D enthusiasts produced a new, full-sized terrain which is based upon the war zone between Italy and Austria in WWI.

The result was a unique environment of mountains, valleys, a big lake with custom towns, factory complexes and villages with military components.

All licensed Flanders-In-Flames (FIF) planes were packaged up into a console for easy switching of WWI plane blocks from each era of WWI, regular RB3D and iMap.

The aeroplane sets and Promiseland objects licensed for use in Redux are the work of many people in SWWISA. 

A special salute to Kessler for use through open release of PL1, upon which the terrain tileset was designed.

Only a few people have flown in iMap.  More detailed Credits, more info, pictures and videos will be seen via the link below (a WIP)


Custom Aeroplane Paints



There are 100s of RedBaron3D custom paints which you can install yourself.  Look for the plane type and paint number to enter in plane selection area in Multiplayer-Online

The new slider presently has only a few samples, some which do not yet have a number shown.  Happy to add your favorites for others to be able to know them by their numbers. Please send your links to images.

Hover over image for arrows.

Custom Paints


Sopwith Triplane

se5a #184

se5a #135

np17 #158

Halb DII #189

DH2 U.S. Flag

Fokker D7 Grim Reaper



Vaclav Strzinek (“Vasek”)

Vasek designed a console named “Redux” which provided for switching between aeroplane sets from different phases of the war, switching between Authentic Flight Model (AFM) and Normal Flight Model (NFM), and changing stock terrains to Redux’s “iMap”. 

Vasek was the principal designer of villages formulated to represent actual places in the Italian War zone of WWI.

Innovations for the map included la Garda (the large lake in northern Italy in the Alps; a special innovation), buildings and many artifacts for iMap.  Vasek’s advice in developing iMap cannot be overstated.

Vasek’s skill as a RedBaron3D pilot are technical, efficient and expert in all aspects and was a prized wingman.

He is a glider pilot and builder of ultralites and other aeroplanes, as well as a world-renowned creator of replica propellers, including for actual aeroplanes while specializing in works of aeronautical art.

Visit Historic Propellers

Salute! Vasek