In its time, the greatest WWI flight sim with its still beloved Singleplayer Campaign mode.  It could upgrade to be second to none, if given the chance.  This scene could be RedBaron3D

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Active Servers


Server=UDP:; CSq_Swordfish ; D3rWolf’s Spielwiese ; D3rWolf’s Training Day
Server=UDP: ;General de Deville’s Alpine Hell
Server=UDP: ; General de Deville’s Hell

[MetaServers] ; Rens
Server=TCP: ; Swordfish
Server=TCP: ; Redux

Custom Aeroplane Paints



There are 100s of RedBaron3D custom paints which you can install yourself.  Look for the plane type and paint number to enter in plane selection area in Multiplayer-Online

The slider presently has only a few samples, some which do not yet have a number shown.  Happy to add your favorites for others to be able to know them by their numbers. Please send your links to images.

D3rWolf’s Spielweise Server

Wolf’s Spielweise server has been serving up classic Island Server wars for over 10 years.  The number of players is small but consistent, and every single weekend at 4PM Eastern U.S. time, Allied and German sides square off to take turns bombing, defending targets, cutting off enemy in dogfights and having a ton of fun without fail.  

More later, but come join either side, unless one side is short and needs you to balance it out.

Rens: Legacy RedBaron3D Designer


Rens has been a leading developer of post-release graphics including aeroplane models, paints, terrain layouts, buildings, flight and damage models and much more for RedBaron3D.

Rens has been a leader of SWWISA since its inception almost 20 years ago, an online website populated by artists and programmers who have created the bulk of post-game release RedBaron 3D graphics.