In its time, RedBaron3D* was the greatest WWI flight sim, including its still-beloved Singleplayer Campaign mode.  

While the sim’s true potential is full hi-def and virtually unlimited improvements, it has never been allowed in its history.  Dynamix had no control over its destiny and the company was shut down during and completely soon after RB3D’s release.

Flame Glitch Fix by Ace

 In 2004 an arrangement was made with Sierra to allow us to upgrade the RB3D code.  They agreed upon a first focus  to “fix” various glitches which were never addressed by Dynamix due to Sierra’s cutting off funding by orders from Vivendi.

One of the glitches was the “flame boot” which would boot most or all planes from the multiplayer server due to a flood of data generated by a miscalculated function associated with the flames.  

Unfortunately, before the contract was signed, virtually all business development staff was suddenly gone from Sierra including the ones involved in the contract.

This year, an active pilot, Ace (10 years in the current community) announced he had solved the glitch by modifying the mplayer file (outside of the code), no one knows how. It works. No one knew that Ace is an expert programmer in some industry.  You can now “ride” a flaming plane (to your death) and continue bombing or fighting for a short time without booting EVERYONE.  Some people failed to install it for awhile.  Flame boots seldom happen now because presumably all actives have installed it.

Sadly, Ace suddenly stopped flying and he has not responded to emails as he always has.  He is seriously missed, He is a great wingman and gentleman.




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